GRAND TETON 8K is the culmination of nearly a month spent filming in the spectacular Jackson Hole Valley and the foothills of the Teton Mountain Range. Encompassing nearly 500 square miles, Grand Teton National Park boasts an awe-inspiring array of pristine wilderness, glacial lakes, winding rivers, diverse wildlife, and the magnificent Teton Range. Journey with More Than Just Parks as we explore a land dominated by towering peaks, apex predators, and majestic beauty. This is Grand Teton. Filmed primarily in 8K.

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Sony a7R II
Canon 5D Mark III
Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

Timelapse Gear:
Radian & Michron by Alpine Labs

Music: Ryan Taubert “Becoming Human”

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A few months ago one of my best friends says, “Hey, flights to Norway are really inexpensive. You guys want to go?” After pondering this for 15 seconds I said yes. From there friends were added, an additional flight to the arctic circle area of the Lofoten Islands was planned and many cameras were packed in bags. Here you will find 3 minutes distilled from over six and a half hours of real-time footage I took. I couldn’t stop filming. It was one of the most epic trips of my life. The most beautiful place I have been on this planet so far. We got back less than a week ago. Even though I’m jet lagged still, I knew I had to get this out there right away. So hope you enjoy! If you haven’t been, go. If you have been, you know. Hopefully this inspires you to get out and travel more! And to all my amazing friends that made the trip what it was: Where’s next??


At the end of May I travelled to Northern Norway to see the midnight sun. This occurs every summer for about a month. Most of this footage was shot around the island chain of Lofoten.

I was wondering what it was going to be like to be in constant daylight for 24 hours a day. I was surprised to realise how nice the light gets when the clouds disappear. The best shooting times started around 10pm at night and lasted well into the morning and most times I would be rocking up back home around 4am.

Needless to say I was pretty tired after this trip as sleeping during the day was not happening too well so I was living on around 3 hours of sleep per 24 hour period.

The exciting thing for me apart from being back in an amazing part of the world was having two new bits of kit to play with. I had recently just purchased the new Canon C300 mk2 and also DJI’s Phantom 4. I had finally made it to the world of 4K which for me has been a big step. Does it mean I’m going to shoot better material? Definitely not, but what I am seeing from this new Canon beast with it’s finer detail and improved dynamic range over the C300 mk1 is justification to me. As with all of the previous models of DJI Phantom’s I have owned the 4 is naturally the best, however my heart still races everytime I put the thing up hoping that this flight is not going to be it’s last.

I shot most of this footage using the Sigma 20mm, 35mm art series lenses with the ever versatile Canon 100mm Macro for most of the nice handheld shots.

Music was a track by Tony Anderson from “The Music Bed” It’s a great track as are all of Tony’s tracks.

Hope you enjoy…….watch in 4K if you can.

Majulah – ‘Onward’.

When we pass by landscapes they appear fixed in time, but they change around us constantly. The idea behind this film is to reveal this change by returning to the same camera positions over the years.

Special thanks to Michael for the composing the amazing soundtrack, and for keeping me motivated over the past few years of shooting. This was a long term collaboration with Michael visiting every year from Copenhagen and over 20 sketches developed before we settled on the final music. * update we’ve had a lot of requests for the soundtrack and Michael is making it available for your personal listening for free – listen or download at: to listen or download.

© Keith Loutit 2016
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Harvesting Liberty is a short film that documents visionaries Michael Lewis (of Growing Warriors) and Rebecca Burgess (of Fibershed) as they collaborate to reintroduce industrial hemp to the American landscape.

Growing Warriors is a Kentucky-based farming program designed to train, assist, and equip military veterans with the skills, tools and supplies needed to grow organic produce for their families and communities.

Fibershed develops regenerative textile systems that are based on carbon farming, regional manufacturing, and public education.

Sign the petition to legalize industrial hemp: Industrial hemp is a crop that has the potential to lower the environmental impacts of textile production, empower small-scale farmers and create jobs in a wide variety of industries. Two non-profit groups, Fibershed and Growing Warriors, are working to reintroduce industrial hemp into Kentucky—and eventually U.S. agriculture. On July 4, 2016, a petition will be delivered urging Congress to pass the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015/2016 (S.134 and H.R. 525) legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp in the United States. We invite you to learn more about industrial hemp and sign the petition here:

Patagonia, through our membership in 1% For The Planet®, provides cash grants and in-kind services to thousands of community-based groups working to create positive change for the planet in their own backyards.

Estaifan Shiliata risked everything in pursuit of his dream and ended up finding more than he could have ever imagined. A one of a kind individual, Estaifan and his Chicago cab offer more than the average trip to O’Hare.

Online premiere, Short of the Week:

Directed and Photographed by: and
Boxing Cinematography:
Motion Graphics:
Young Estaifan:

Made possible by amazing Kickstarter backers:

One of the “5 Essential New Short Films From the Palm Springs ShortsFest”


Salomon Ligthelm “Lives are Threads”

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble “Paradise”
From “Jupiter”

Nomo “Divisions” and “If You Want”
Licensed through Ubiquity Records

Small Black “Panthers”
Licensed through Secretly Canadian, Bank Robber Music

Original music by Will Bangs

Additional Music: APM Music

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In January of 2016 I made the decision to move from the picturesque Pacific Northwest to New York City. Living in New York had long been a dream of mine, but doing so meant leaving the beauty of Seattle and the wilderness that surrounds it. During the summer, fall and winter leading up to the move I chose to create a film as my way of giving back the PNW for all it had given to me… and thus, Muir Song was born.

The inspiration for this film came from my time living and being active in the PNW. My goal was to capture the energy and attitude of exploring Washington through the eyes of people who do so religiously. The film is set to a quote by legendary conservationist John Muir, and narrated by infamous mountain climber, Lou Whittaker.

We were extremely resourceful in shooting this film due to challenging locations, and chose to backpack all of our gear into remote areas in order to find unique angles of the PNW. Our kit was small and mobile, but shooting on the Dragon with an anamorphic adapter enabled us to achieve a cinematic aesthetic without compromising portability.

I’m excited to release Muir Song on April 21st, what would have been John Muir’s 178th birthday. If you’re unfamiliar Muir and his work check out his bio on the Sierra Club here:

Director: Janssen Powers
DOP: Janssen Powers, Caleb Babcock
Creative Development: Mckinzy Powers, Janssen Powers
Producer: Mckinzy Powers
Quote: John Muir
Narrator: Lou Whittaker
Music: Ryan Taubert- Revival, Imagine (Licensed via
Sound Design: Defacto Sound

-Red Scarlet Dragon

-Leica 50mm r mount lens (almost everything was shot on this lens + anamorphic adapter)
-Tokina 11-16mm
-Isco Ultra Star 2.0x anamorphic adapter (shooting 4×3 in camera to correct for anamorphic squeeze)

Other Gear:
-Freefly Systems Movi M10 gimbal
-DJI Inspire 1

Please watch in full screen with sound on for best experience. This film is available in 4K – click the HD button and select 4K to view in 4K.


Whether in the city or a rural area, surrounded by nature or man-made things, there is but one constant – the sky. Regardless of our lifestyle or surroundings, the sky is always there above us to put on a show. “Skylight” is a collection of dramatic sky shows, captured from a wide variety of locations.

Shooting timelapse has taught me to sit back and take in the world around me. After six years and thousands of shots captured, I’ve seen some special and memorable events in our skies. No matter how dramatic the location, the sky holds the power to make a good view great, and to mesmerize us with the wonders of the world – within our atmosphere and beyond.

This collection of unique moments was captured from mountaintops to rooftops to coastline, at locations including: 
Los Angeles • Chicago • NYC • Tokyo • Singapore • Sydney • New Zealand • Big Sur • Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest • CARMA • Eastern Sierra • Death Valley • Yosemite • Vermillion Cliffs • Mojave Desert

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A gracious and special thank you to my family and friends for their unending support and assistance. This film would not be possible without you.

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