Director: David M. Helman
Producer: Jeff Kopchia
EP: Nathan Scherrer
Production Co.: Freenjoy
Director of Photography: Dustin Lane (
Editor: Nick Rondeau @ Arcade Edit
Steadicam Operator: Jess Haas
1st AC: Erick Aguilar
2nd AC: Seaton Trotter
Gaffer: Sean Talbott
Key Grip: Carlos Ceja
Stunt Coordinator: Damien Bray

1st AD: E-Class
2nd AD: Jesus Hernandez

VFX: Ruffian Post (
VFX Supervisor: Chris Watson Wood
VFX Producer: Amanda Jones
VFX Artists: Holly Smith, Toby Williams-Ellis, Harry Davidson

Colorist: Gregory Reese @ The Mill

Special Thanks: Arcade Edit, The Mill, Doggicam Systems, Tanner Merrill, Drone Dudes, Toby Burger and Suicidal Tendencies.

Filmed in San Pedro, CA
Def Jam 2015

from Leif Smith

It’s been a long time in the making.. 2-3 years of shooting, countless miles traveled, tens of thousands of images processed and days of editing and I’m finally deciding to release this. Shot mostly around Oregon, California, Canada and one scene from the Himalayas. This has been my passion project for a long time now and it feels good to be done with it. Enjoy!

Filmed in 5K, can license out footage.

Music: Odesza- Without You

Canon 5D MIII
Nikon D600
Emotimo TB3 pan/tilt head
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero rail

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is home to both the largest outdoor Passion Play in the U.S. and an important vote on LGBT rights. Peace in the Valley follows the town’s inhabitants as they prepare for the historic vote.

Directed by Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher

Read an interview with Michael and Donal –
See more Field of Vision films at –

“The real question is not: How many ads do we see? The real question is: What do we have to do to see no ads? And the answer is: go to sleep” (James B. Twitchell)

We see ads everyday and everywhere. They have become part of our life. While some people try to avoid seeing ads, advertisers keep finding new ways to reach us. However they are unable to reach us when we sleep. Our dreams are the last safe and add-free place so it seems.

But what happens when advertisers have the possibility to enter our dreams? Based on recent developments in brain science and technology this might be possible in the near future.

This animated short is an impression of a dream infected by a brand we all know,…

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From Lior Sperandeo

I have heard and read different opinions about the wave of Syrian refugees who try to make their way in to the EU. Then I went to Lesvos. 7 days on the Greek Island gave me a healthier, human perspective on the situation.

Seeing the people behind the headlines with my own eyes, and feeling their deep struggle, broke my heart.

Are they the “threat” people talk about? All I saw were courageous people in a time of crisis, looking for hope.

I also got to meet brave volunteers from all over the world who reach out to help all people regardless of their religion, race or background. That inspired me.

My hope is that this video might tear down some of the walls of bad ideas and opinions we have built around ourselves.

All shot with the Canon 1DC (4K -> HD)
Canon 70-200mm f2.8, Canon 28mm f1.8, Canon 24-105mm f4
Drone Shots with the Phantom2 and Gopro4
Edited on Premiere

A film by Lior Sperandeo
Drone Operator and Camera assist – Joel Davis

Music – ‘Ton sourir’ by Ravid Kahalani

The Hero’s Journey | Is my graduation project for the University HKU | Image and Media Technology

Since the beginning of time people are fascinated by stories of hero’s. But did you know there is a fundamental structure that’s lies beneath all these tales of fantasy. Joseph Campbell, a famous mythologist, was the first to discover similarities within all ancient myths. He called it the Monomyth. According to him there are 17 stages in which every hero has to walk through one way or the other.

Christopher Vogler a Hollywood development executive was inspired by the writings of Campbell. He wrote his own adaptation guide for hollywood screenwriters.

In the hero’s journey his 12 stages are visualized by using iconic blockbuster movies that follow the same structure of storytelling.

For more information check out my website:

Directed & Animated | Iskander Krayenbosch

Music | Boris Stipdonk
Sound Design | Boris Stipdonk & Arthur Bruinse

Voiceover | Bob Miller

Additional Illustrations | Mirjam Verhoog

Special Thanks | Lenno Verhoog | Martin van Rijn | Gertrude Krayenbosch

Graduation project for ® HKU 2015

Watch Earth roll by through the perspective of ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst in this six-minute timelapse video from space. Combining 12,500 images taken by Alexander during his six-month Blue Dot mission on the International Space Station this Ultra High Definition video shows the best our beautiful planet has to offer.

Shot and directed by Mac Premo ( / @macpremo)
Edited by Ann Lupo (
Production team: Pete Treiber, Adrianna Dufay and Divya Gadangi
Sound design by Mac Premo and Ann Lupo
Sound mixed, mastered and greatly enhanced by Luciano Vignola
Shot in Leucadia, Encinitas and Carlsbad, California on location at Sanford Shapes ( / @sanfordshapes)